1) Preparation and research for the update of the status report on the quality process and the definition of an institutional project

2) Production of action plans for the definition of a facility project

3) Strengthening of the skills of university leaders and staff with a view to defining the establishment project

4) Training of trainers on a local level for the academic and administrative staff and strengthening of the quality assurance and pedagogical support units

5) Steering for the implementation of the establishment project

6) Project quality control

  • Establishment of the committee in charge of the quality assessment of the project (Project Quality Control Committee) and identification of the external evaluator;
  • Definition of a quality control plan for the quality procedures of each WP and quality control plan
  • Quality Committee meetings, definition and execution of surveys, analyses and guidelines
  • Elaboration of reports

7) Dissemination and exploitation of results

  • Preparation of the dissemination and exploitation plan of the results (see Results page)
  • Implementation of the communication strategy: paper, multimedia and events
  • Organization of the 3 regional dissemination conferences
  • Organization of the final conference of the project (see Results page)
  • Definition and signature of the sustainability plan (see Results page)