In October 2022, the ESAGOV project will organize 3 important moments of dissemination, at the level of regional university conferences. These meetings are organized thanks to the involvement of all Algerian partners. The objective of these meetings is to share the approach and the results of the project with representatives of non-partner institutions of the project.

These meetings are organized with the help of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in order to reach as many establishments outside the project as possible. They take place in a hybrid way, in order to encourage the widest possible participation.

The University of Ouargla is hosting the Eastern Regional Conference on October 18! The colleagues from the universities of Sétif 1, Sétif 2, Skikda and El Oued participate. The meeting agenda is available here.

The University of Science and Technology of Oran Mohamed-Boudiaf USTOMB will organize the West Conference on Thursday, October 20, in which colleagues from the University of Sidi Bel Abbès will participate. The program is available here.

Finally, the cycle of conferences will be closed at the University of Tizi Ouzou, which will organize the Center conference. It will be attended by colleagues from EPAU, Algiers 1, Algiers 2 and Béjaia. The meeting agenda is available here.

Minsitry representatives will be present at each of these meetings.

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