The ESAGOV project aims to improve and reinforce the quality approach in Algerian universities, starting with the construction of their institutional projects. The project aims to act at these different levels, while building on the achievements of Algerian universities.

As part of the project, a report on the current state of Algerian universities in terms of quality procedures, self-evaluation and the construction of institutional projects was drawn up by means of a comparative survey, analysis of the literature and existing regulatory provisions, focus groups and qualitative interviews. This report presents the existing governance frameworks and practices within Algerian universities.

Thanks to this survey, the partnership was able to identify that certain elements required clarifications, such as how to understand the role, composition and methodologies of the working arrangements set up at the level of each partner institution. It also highlighted difficulties encountered to date in implementing action plans and facility projects.

This is why the ESAGOV project is currently working to support Algerian universities in drawing up their institutional projects, through the production of action plans, thanks to consultation with the relevant players. This consultation was carried out by means of a surveys and the organization of discussion groups to define a common framework for all Algerian partner establishments, while taking into account the specific framework of each one and the particularities of its environment.

A workshop on the production of the action plan will be organized with partners in June.

You can download here the report on the current state of play in Algerian universities with regard to the quality approach and the establishment project.

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