Following the 3 regional workshops organized at the level of the 3 regional conferences – Centre, East, and West/South – (see article here), ESAGOV’s partners organized a national restitution workshop during which each representative of the 3 groups of universities presented the results of their work and their recommendations around the 9 themes addressed.

The workshop agenda is available here.

Organizational conditions for starting up and managing an effective system of governance through the quality approach

  • Information system
  • A participatory approach
  • Budgeting

Evaluation models in the various strategic areas to be governed, to be implemented in universities with examples of evaluation processes

  • Self-evaluation
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Student questionnaires with accompanying awareness-raising activities (progressive approach)

Indicators and parameters for monitoring and evaluating activities and services related to each strategic area

  • Implementation of RNAQES indicators and indicators specific to each university
  • The process of defining and building indicators for education
  • Staffing/resource allocation ratio and indicators

Establishment project

  • Involvement of the university community and association of external stakeholders in the drafting of the establishment project
  • Annual review methodology
  • Multi-year contract 

Stakeholder consultation and participation systems

  • Involvement of external stakeholders – the socio-economic world, in particular for the definition of training courses.
  • Targeted, gradual institutionalization of consultations.

Classification of procedures and identification of staff for accreditation and assessment processes

  • Training staff and raising awareness among the university community
  • Self-evaluation process mapping
  • Evaluation frequency
  • Accreditation bodies

Channels and instruments for quality communication/reporting, inside and outside the university

  • Internal and external communication channels (including dedicated page on site)
  • Communication plan to support QA management at the university
  • Service charter and quality standards

Module 8. Inputs, logic and methods for installing and powering performance measurement and evaluation systems with integrated logic.

  • Performance measurement and evaluation system (as a progressive process): organizational, institutional and individual?
  • Collaboration between universities

Module 9. Internationalization of the university

  • Definition of internationalization strategy (indicators/monitoring)
  • Diversification of internationalization activities (internationalization of training courses, virtual mobility, mobility for all categories, etc.).
  • Définition de la stratégie d’internationalisation (indicateurs/suivi)
  • Diversification des activités d’internationalisation (internationalisation des formations, mobilité virtuelle, mobilité pour toutes les catégories etc.)

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